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Wolf Arc
Chapter 43 - Chapter 54
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The Wolf Arc is the second and final arc in the Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin manga.


Meeting Wolves

The arc begins with a warning: a memory of Riki telling Gin to never use the Zetsu Tenrou Battouga, otherwise the "devils with fangs of evils" will come looking for him. Indeed, mysterious figures spread all over the country in search of Gin, interrogating and attacking his allies in the process. They eventually find Gin, and reveal themselves to be wolves. Their leader, Retsuga, asks Gin to meet them at Mt. Fuji in order to find out about both Gin's own ancestry and their goal.

Gin and his group follow Cross's scent deeper into the forest, only to come to a halt as they witness a solar eclipse accompanied by an ominous loud chanting. The phenomenon is revealed to be the work of Retsuga and his pack, who says that it is the welcoming ceremony of his Wolf Clan. He communicates to Gin and Gin only thanks to the wolf blood in him. Retsuga reveals to Gin that hundreds of years ago, when Humanity drove the wolves to the brink of extinction, their guardian star, Sirius, saved them by painting the sky black and helping them escape underground. They believed that they would return to the surface to enact revenge on Humanity, and that time is now. Retsuga tries to convince Gin to join their cause but he refuses.

Their conversation is interrupted by the Wolf Clan's Hyōma, who doubts Retsuga's claim that Gin is a Hakkenshi, and fights him. Gin wins, and Hyouma, impressed, tells him where Cross and her children are. He also informs him that Gin and his group will be opposed by five more Hakkenshi warriors from now onwards.

Battle against Wolves


  • The anime only had the Akakabuto Arc, so the Wolf Arc was not covered in the anime.