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Wanwan, also known as Lord Wanwan, is one of the three leaders of the Aka-Ari army, alongside his brothers; Shuō and Beniō.


Wanwan is a very large Tibetan Mastiff with long fur. His mane-like fur covers most of his face but is often moved out of the way so his face, and large scar, are visible.


Wanwan is short tempered and violent towards his minions. Under the belief that the Ou army was killed by the bears, he assumes command over the neighbouring territory. He and his brothers are heavily considered to be cannibals.

Ginga Densetsu Noah

Wanwan is the leader of the Aka-Ari army, alongside his two brothers. A few months after the defeat of Monsoon, the Aka-Ari believe that the Ou army was destroyed and thus began claiming their territory and forcing allied dogs to join them. Wanwan first meets Weed when the leader confronts him but instead of killing him, he injures him and says he will eat him later.

Rigel, Izou and a few others come looking for Weed, only to run into Wanwan and the Aka-Ari. Wanwan doesn't immediately fight them as Rigel makes a proposal to hand over Ou's paradise in exchange for peace, against Weed's wishes. When Wanwan gives his terms for the deal, Rigel refuses and tries to leave with his father, but Wanwan attacks and grabs hold of Rocket by the neck. Rigel uses his Ningato technique to slash at Wanwan's leg, causing him to drop Rocket. At that moment, Orion attacks the large dog with a Battouga, injuring his head. Wanwan pulls himself together, revealing a bleeding forehead and blood red eyes, either through anger or internal bleeding. In a fit of rage, Wanwan orders his followers to attack and instead attacks and kills them when they refuse to move.

Wanwan's eyes turn black as he slaughters his comrades, despite his brothers pleas to make him calm down. During this attack, Orion takes the chance to lead a charge against the brothers. As he does this, one of the Aka-Ari squad leaders, Munechika, the father of Hirota, sides with Orion and helps them out. However, the fight is cut short when a large fireball emerges from the sky and crashes into the mountain nearby, causing a huge explosion and scattering the packs. During the commotion, the three brothers escape. As they walk through the forest, Wanwan cursing Orion and vowing to eat him, they come across Tamasaburō, the son of Hiro, who attacks them out of revenge for Shou injuring Noah. The brothers kill him and continue on their way.

The three brothers arrive at the edge of the sea, where they remember their past. The brothers were smuggled from their home and caged on a small boat. During a storm, their cage unlocked and they killed the smugglers before escaping into the sea and swimming to shore. In the present, the brothers decide to hide in a mine that's in the edge of the mountain until they can build a new army.