"Have you forgotten your duty as soldiers?! The penalty for neglect of soldier's duties is death!"

- Viktor berates Lydia, Nikov, and Ivan the fact that they let Jerome's escape.GDW, Vol 38

"You've just sealed your fate, mutt! I'll kill you slowly!"

- Viktor to Jerome after the latter attacks him.GDW, Vol 39

"This is an army. You will address him as Lieutenant."

- Viktor to Lydia when she addresses her brother.GDW, Vol 39

"Don't speak to me like you're my equal, I have no time for the nonsense of stray mutts."

- Viktor upon the arrival of Weed after a long and bloody fight in the gorge.GDW, Vol 47

"It was clear that Victor was afraid of the Battōga. He was being extremly cautious, and had completely kept himself out of Gin's range."

- Victor stopped in the middle of the fight and let his soldiers run in the front to Gin.GDW, Vol 46, Ch 387

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