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Tora Collita Tora Collita 22 April 2018

Rules and guidelines

Here are some rules and guidelines. Many changes and major edits needs to be done and we need all the help we can get. We the Admins will soon begin.

If there's any rules or guidelines you feel are missing and would like to add. Don't be afraid to contact the Admins or comment here.

  • 1. One coloured manga picture in the tabs in infobox, rest in black and white from each manga the character appears in itself. If it's a finished serie/manga (example; Byakuren No Fangu), the coloured picture of the character shall be one that represent the character the most, no need for a recent one if an original early coloured picture fits the character better, as rest can be found in the gallery of the character. For ongoing series (example: main Ginga one),…

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Tora Collita Tora Collita 9 October 2017

Gallery structures

Okay everyone. We’ve now come up with a structure. BIG thanks to those who made suggestions on here, Ginga Board and Ginga Scans!

The main base will be; chronological order, and keep manga and anime pictures seperated, and that shall go for ALL galleries. Though it will partly go after style with the chronological order in mind. The coloured manga pictures will be in the beginning of each header. Exeption will be from the covers of and new images in later editions. First, we start with the main Ginga Series:

  • GDR--
  • GNG
    • Manga
    • Anime
  • GDW
    • Manga
    • Anime
  • GDW:O
  • GTLW

  • Shin Gaiden (keep stories in subheaders, if only cameos, only subheader for the main story and then for cameo)
  • Weed Gaiden (stories in Weed Gaiden will have each story in own header, no WG header)
  • GDA

  • Other …

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Tora Collita Tora Collita 27 September 2017

Gallery structure suggestions

Hello everyone.

As you all can see, all the galleries have now been moved to Name/Gallery, I was quicker on that then I thought. Now we admins need your help with suggestions of how the galleries shall be build up. Me an Blivery will after that talk to each other and take all suggestions to a hold and make the best of it. Even we will make our own suggestions.

For now, most galleries have this structure, (ex. John/Gallery):


Do you all think we can keep it that way, as a general rule of structure of all galleries? Or shall we mix them and all go by style (ex. Gin/Gallery)?
Or make manga and anime stand like they do, and in their own header go by style? Then we have those characters with man…

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