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Chapter One: A story of the wolves

"Back when the paradise was new and before the reign of the demon bear, the wolves reigned over the land. The leader, Okami lead his pack through thick and thin with his courage and kindness. He had two sons, Ame, and Kane."

"Dad that's my name!" Kane piped up.

"Yes Kane, calm down." Cavern answered his second born son. Kane sat back down next to Daku and listened.

"Once he came of age, Kane decided he was done living with wolves and left for the humans and their dogs. Ame and Okami grew worried for his choice and followed to see what was really going on. Ami arrived first and infuriated to see Kane had fallen in love with a dog. In a fit of rage, Ami killed the the dog by using his battouga on her, nearly cutting her clean in half. Kane, outraged with his brother's actions, swore to the heavens Ame would die, just as he killed the dog."

"But why would he want revenge?" Daku interrupted. "I mean dogs are cool, but it can't be that good."

Kane elbowed Daku. "Shut up! Let dad finish!"

Cavern sighed and growled at the two. "Enough. If you two don't stop interrupting, I won't tell you the story again at all."

"Sorry dad." Kane and Daku said together.

More coming soon.