Ginga Wiki

Here are some things you should keep in mind:

  • The layout is not done yet. Mind that there are no tabbers for gallerys or infoboxes yet!
  • You are not allowed to upload images yet, as we first have to check what images we'll take to the new wiki. This is necessary because we don't have unlimited space.
  • Only move those articles who've already got inoboxes. Mind that the infoboxes are different from the old ones, so you can't just copy paste.
  • Do not copy-paste articles with uncompleted sentences. Better leave it empty than adding uncompleted sentences.
  • Do not create own category's. Please go by the category's we already made. You can see the category examples on the articles: Shiro, Riki, Gin, Weed, Orion, Sirius
  • Do not put semicolons (:) to abbreviations. This means it is not GDW:O it is GDWO. It is not G:TLW it is GTLW, and so on.

What will be added to the new wiki?

  • Tabbers (for infoboxes, gallerys, etc.)
  • Logo (up left in the corner)
  • Font for headers and other, as not everyone is able to view that font yet.
  • Other infoboxes and templates
  • All available infoboxes will be customized, as they show some errors
  • Some small changes in the whole layout