Tsurugi is Ryūto Maihara's former dog fighting and brother of Jack.


Tsurugi is a typical red Akita-inu, with light markings on his face, chest, belly and tail. Over his eyes, he has two black dots.


He's very calm and collected, and is very obedient to his owner, who he likes very much.

Shiroi Senshi Yamato

During a fight against Yamato, his owner, Ryūto Maihara, collapses, because the wound that Tsurugi got on his head reminded Ryūto about an incident where his father's dog, Londo, killed Tsurugi's brother Jack. Later, during a fight against Kaiō, Tsurugi gets wounded badly. Ryūto collapses again, and is sent to the hospital.

After his owner is sent to the hospital, Tsurugi chases loyally and faithfully after the ambulance truck. Later, Ryūto dies at the hospital and Toshio Tachibana becomes Tsurugi's new owner. Tsurugi doesn't appear in the story again.

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