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Tommy is a second-generation Ōu soldier. He was forced to join Hōgen along with Lefty and Rossi.


He is white Kishu Inu and have brown eyes.


Ginga Densetsu Weed

Hōgen Arc

Tommy is one of the dogs who helped John, Hiro and Reika escape. After Hiro had left with Reika to look for Weed's group; Tommy, Lefty and Rossi were left with John to fight against Matsu's group. Despite the overpowering numbers, they fought bravely with John, as their fathers were Ōu soldiers. However, this failed as Matsu's pack outnumbered them.

Tommy is the second one to be pinned down by the enemy soldiers. His throat is ripped open by Matsu's minions. Close to death, he manages to tell John that he regrets nothing and his last wish of dying as a soldier of Ōu's supreme commander was fulfilled. Suddenly, Hōgen shows up and stomps on Tommy's head, killing him.


  • Some fans believe Tommy is a Kishu, but nothing confirmed
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