This article is about Hakutaka's brother. For Mimi's father, see Toki (LR).

Toki is the son of Ōzaru and Kotobuki. He is Akame's ancestor. He is the brother of Akame, Tomoyasu, Kōgetsu and Tetsu


He is red and white Kishu Inu.

Ginga Densetsu Akame

Toki was born in 1579, only a few days before Nobukatsu Oda's attack on Iga Province.

Toki doesn't learn to use a weapon like his brother, Hakutaka. When Hakutaka rushes into a fight to help Kuma fight Izuna and the Kogas, Toki charges in to assist him but is killed by Izuna who slashes his chest with his sword.


  • He bears a striking resemblance to Saburōmaru from GDATJ.
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