Terry is the leader of 5th platoon in Riki's pack. He has a multi-slashed left eye and it's unknown how he got it.


Terry is brown Mastiff with black mask around his face. He have brown eyes.


Terry is serious and calm, very loyal dog.

He joined the enemy only in order to stay alive and help his comrades. He is ready to die if it helps his friends to escape.

He also says that serving the enemy is harsh and humiliating for him and he sees the death as an better option.

He gets angry and disgusted by Kisaragi's sadistic and cruel way of thinking. Terry was "nice but a bit scary" as described by Chibi.

Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin

Akakabuto Arc

When Terry's platoon was overwhelmed by the Mutsu pack, he pretends to be loyal to Kisaragi but awaits for a chance to escape. When Kisaragi found out that Terry is still on Ohu's side, he fights him with Uzuki's help.

In a fight, Terry lost his second eye and charged through the forest where Akakabuto's soldiers killed him.

Ginga Densetsu Weed

Terry was only mentioned in flashbacks from Kisaragi's words and Tesshin's story, he also has a grieving mate named Lucy.

Hōgen Arc

Terry also appears as a ghost during Weed's final battle against Hōgen.

Russian Arc

Terry appears in the dream of a dying Moss. Along with other soldiers, including Riki, John, Bill, Hyena, Smith, and Great. He welcomes Moss into afterlife.


  • For a scene sheet on a closeup on Weed's eye in episode 26, Terry's name is misspelled as Telly in rōmaji.
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