This article is about the unknown breed. For the Shiba Inu, see Taro. For the mixed breed, see Tarō. For the human, see Tarō (BHFG)

Taro is pet dog in Ginga: The Last Wars.

Ginga: The Last Wars

Taro barks Akame, which was received at the home of the yard. Taro's owner is taking a nap, but waking his dog calling them names and he tells Taro be trashing other except for burglars. Akame standing in the corner of the house and apologize to the interference of.

He says he is Ohu army that will amaze Taro. He is looking to set, as a rule, sickle, which the dog should be easy to carry. Taro says that his master is not a farmer, so they can not be found sickles. However, he advises Akame in search of a neighboring house, where he finds a few sickle.

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