This article is about the Tosa. For the Akita Inu, see Tarōmaru.
Tarōmaru (太郎丸 )
Taromaru, Taroumaru, Taroomaru


First Appearance
Shiroi Senshi Yamato volume 11
Last Appearance
Shiroi Senshi Yamato volume 12
Deceased (killed by Blackhead Sniper)
Family or owners
Birth of Place
Aomori Prefecture

Tarōmaru is the eldest and strongest of the Tarōmaru Brothers.
Jirōmaru, Saburōmaru and Shirōmaru are his younger brothers. His special attack is Swing Circle.

He fights a match against Yamato and loses. Later, Blackhead Sniper attacks against Tarōmaru an evening walk and kill him.

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