This article is about Heizō's brother. For Nobushige's son, see Taichi.

Taichi is the youngest member of his family.


Ginga Densetsu Weed: Orion

One day, while he and his family were hunting in the mountains after the volcanic explosion in Ou, they get ambushed by the enemy and his pack.

In order to protect his family, Taichi's father ordered him and his older brother Heizō, to escape and escort their mother and their sister, back to the One-eyed Elder's pack, while he and his sons, Junpachi and Yoshinao, hold them off. Eventually, Taichi and Heizo watched in horror as their father and brothers get massacred by the evil dogs. Their mother says they should jump into the water to escape the enemy. Heizo, Tachi and their mother leap in. Taichi jumps with his brother, sister and their mother into the water, and he survive. 

Heizō departure of Orion's journey, that is their mother Hiroko and Taichi with the oldest. Jirōta, Kurohabaki Clan commander, however, came with a small army Fukushima. He killed the oldest and took command of the herd. He went to take a flock puppies training camp, but they came across on the way Heizō, Tyson, Orion and Izō and his brothers. They defeated Kurohabaki Clan and liberated the flock. Miu, Denshichi and Shusaku were left to protect the Fukushima area.

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