Sylvie is Siberian Husky from a story called Rīdo -Seinen to Inu- (Lead -Man and Dog-) featured in the manga Ginga no Inutachi


Sylvie is a black and white Siberian Husky.


Ginga no Inutachi

The boy who was the owner of Shiro tries to take better care of his second dog Sylvie. He works at a construction company. One day during Sylvie's walk, he bumps into Rika, who later becomes his wife. To get permission to marry Rika, the two go to Hokkaidō, where Rika's father Yūzou lives. He is harshly rejected by Yūzou, but with the help of Sylvie, wins the trust of the stern father and marries Rika. He then quits his job and lives in Hokkaiddō, where he starts his own construction company.

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