They are the sons of Suzaku and Hiromi and the grandsons of Hakurō.

Suzaku's 4 unnamed puppies which he left in the care of Hiromi when they traveled to Mutsu.


Two of the puppies resemble Suzaku, and have black fur. The other two resemble Hiromi, and have red fur. They have blue eyes and one of them has one black eye and one blue eye.


They are playful, curious as they are still young. The love their family and grandfather Hakuro greatly as they enjoy playing with him. When their grandfather returns they do their best to tend to him. They are grateful to the Ohu Army for what they did.

Ginga Densetsu Weed

Russian Arc

They live in Hokkaido with their parents and grandfather's packs. They were seen for the first time in their playing with Hakuro.

After their grandfather had returned injured from the first battle the pups asks him if anything hurts trying to tend to him. Seeing no choice Hakuro tells Suzaku to take his family and escape when one of the pups asks where are they going their father tells them they are heading for Ohu.

But they find out Ohu is far away they refuse leave until their father Suzaku says they can't break a male's promise. They stumbled upon a way to Lydia, but she sent them away, and even advised the family a safe escape route.

Later, their parents brought them Mutsu security, while Russia's war in the dogs attacked Hokkaido.

Suzaku went back to the war and after it's end, he returned to pick up his family and take them back to Hokkaido.

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