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Suzaku is the second youngest son of Hakurō of Kitami. He is the only one of the four siblings with a mate and puppies.


Suzaku is a bi-coloured black-and-white Siberian Husky. He has white markings on his cheeks, chest, legs, belly and tail. He has white dots over his eyes. On his chest, there are black stripes, and he also has black markings under his eyes. His eye colour varies, it can be depicted as either blue or yellow.


Suzaku really loves his family, he takes comfort in the fact that his wife and kids are safe.

But, when he returns to his home, Suzaku begins to harbour a grudge against the Russian Dogs, and for what they did to his brothers and father.

However, he does have sense of forgiveness and mercy when everyone else objects to helping the enemy army.

Ginga Densetsu Weed

Russian Arc

When Hakurō realized that the Russian Army dogs were too strong to handle by themselves, he sends Suzaku and his family to run to Ouu to get assistance from Gin and the Ohu Soldiers. Suzaku fulfils his mission, and leaves his mate Hiromi and his four sons to stay with Kisaragi.

He soon finds out that the dogs of Hokkaido were exterminated, including his father and three brothers. He loathes the Russian dogs, including Maxim who joined the Ohu Army. He joins Gin's group to take part in the fight against Victor, and along with many others, is trapped in a gorge with no food or water for several days before the rain comes and the fight begins. He is badly injured but survives the fight. When Weed arrives, he orders the wounded to stay and receive help from Daisuke and Hidetoshi, who followed the large pack of dogs to the battleground. As the other Ou soldiers protest Weed's decision to heal the Russian Dogs, Suzaku agrees to it and says that his father would not scold him for obeying the orders of the commander's son.

He makes a full recovery and bears witness to the death of Viktor. Finally at peace with what happened, he promises to Weed that he and his remaining family will revive Hokkaido.