Stone was the right hand of Kamakiri.



Ginga Densetsu Weed


Stone was banished from his original pack along with Kamakiri and Shuu. They were rescued by Yukimasa who let them join his pack. Still, Stone followed Kamakiri as they plotted against the leader and eventually killed him.

After Kamakiri became the leader, he started to gain more territory and Stone followed him in loyal way though he was at the times afraid of his boss' temper.

Stone first appears in Wakayama when he lures Weed’s pack into a trap for Kamakiri to fight them. However, Weed’s pack escapes thanks to Ron's warning about the hunters. Stone now follows his leader to Hōgen’s base to join him.

Hōgen and Kamakiri make their closest minions to fight in order to decide who will have the higher rank. Stone faces the old Dobermann Murder S and believes him to be a weak opponent due to his disability and age. However, Murder S has a secret weapon and the fight is very short as he quickly slices off Stone's head with his steel back legs.


Stone is a minion of Kamakiri, he lures Weed's pack into a trap for Kamakiri to fight them. However, Weed's pack escaped from the intervention of Jerome and the dog hunters. Stone follows his leader to Hōgen's base to join him.

Later on, when Kamakiri was in trouble with fighting Hiro and his pack were losing to Weed's pack, he ran to Hōgen's new base in Gajō to ask for more reinforcements. Unfortunately, Hōgen ignored his plea for reinforcements and killed him shortly.

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