Shinbē is one of the Kōga Dogs who worked under Tesshin.


Shinbē looks like a typical Koga dog, with brown fur, a light-coloured chest, belly, legs and tail. He has a mohawk on his head.

Ginga Densetsu Weed

Shinbē's father dies in battle of Koga, Iga and Ohu. He jumped into the fire together with Kurojaki and the other Koga dogs, and they all burn to death. The Elder raised and trained Shinbē.

Hōgen Arc

Shinbē was initially hostile towards Ohu army, but was later linked to their side Tesshin as heir.

Russian Arc

He is one of the two Koga dogs (Samu and Koga) who have to get out of the gorge to send a message to Weed. However, while Samu managed to escape from the gorge alive, Shinbē was killed by a horde of Bozlev's soldiers.

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