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Shigure is a minor character in Ginga Densetsu Weed in the Hōgen Arc. After this arc he gets the role of a background character.

He is the son of Chūtora and is the third-born brother of Buru, Dodo and Shōji. As well he is the nephew of Akatora and Kurotora and the cousin of Harutora and Nobutora.


He is a brown and white Kai Ken mix with brindle fur and black spots on his face.

Ginga Densetsu Weed


After Shigure's father died, his uncle Kurotora raised him and his brothers.

Hōgen Arc

When the Great Dane, Genba attacks Gajou, he is ordered to run to Mutsu get help with his brothers. However, he is only one to survive the battle, thanks to his brother Shouji who helped him.

His older brother, Shouji tells him to run to Mutsu to get reinforcements if they should lose the fight. As Shigure realizes that the battle is lost, he tries to flee but gets stopped by Genba. Shouji jumps Genba to save his brother’s life. Shigure then flees with the sound of his brothers death cries in his ears. He then enters Mutsu and meets Kisaragi's sons. With Kisaragi’s permission, he then travels back to Ouu with the new reinforcements to reunite with Weed's pack.

Russian Arc

Shigure went to Hokkaido with Weed and other Ouu soldiers.


Shigure with Tesshin defeats Genba, avenging his brothers' deaths. He continues to fight alongside Weed's pack.