The second hybrid is son of the biggest hybrid and brother of the first hybrid.


It had a completely white coat, which made it resemble a polar bear.

Ginga Densetsu Weed

The second hybrid was seen by Rocket, fighting with an alligator which it then killed and buried to eat later.

After a valiant fight with Weed and Joe's pack, Joe's owner Niimiya, appears and shoots the bear several times. This angers the bear and it swipes at him. Luckily Niimiya manages to dodge the attack, and the bear only managing to shred open his back pack.

He quickly gets to his feet while the dogs leap onto the bear once more and he shoots it one last time, finally killing the bear.


  • The second hybrid is known by fans as Hybrid Polar Bear, due to it's white fur resembling more of a polar bear
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