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Samu is one of the seven Kōga ninja dogs serving Tesshin.


He is brown and white Koga with mohawk on his head.

Ginga Densetsu Weed

Samu's father was killed in the famous fire that followed his leader, Kurojaki. After that, Samu vowed to avenge the army Ou for what he did with all dogs ninja. 

Hōgen Arc

Elder deliberately cheating their students, so that they were fighting a pack of Ou, but when the deception was revealed, Samu, as well as Teshshin joined Weed. 

Russian Arc

He is one of the Kōga dogs who were sent by Tesshin to message Weed when Gin and the Ou Soldiers were trapped in the gorge. At the gorge, the two Kōga dogs (Samu and Shinbē) try to get out but Samu managed to get out of the gorge alive while the unfortunate Shinbē was killed by the Russian dog soldiers. Samu also had a narrow escape from death by pretending to drown in the stream when he was spotted by Aram and his soldiers. Later on, Samu finds Weed, Rocket, Mer, Hook and Hiro as well as the reinforcement pack (which consist of strays and pet dogs) and he helps by guiding them to Hokkaidō in order to defeat Viktor.

Ginga Densetsu Weed: Orion

Matheus takes over Kōga and forces Samu, Elder, Tsukikage and Toshimitsu to jump into a waterfall. Everyone survived except Samu.