This article is about Akita Inu. For the Tosa, see Saburōmaru (SSY).
Saburōmaru (三郎丸)
Saburomaru, Saburoumaru, Saburoomaru


Akita Inu
No information
First appearence
GDATJ vol 1
Last appearence
GDATJ vol 1
Family or owners
Yoshito Sawamura, Anju (owners), Yuki (mother), Jirōmaru, Tarōmaru, Koyuki (siblings), Gin (granduncle), Shiro, Yamabuki (great-great-grandparents), Riki, Fuji (great-grandparents), Riki's Siblings (great-granduncles/aunt), Weed, Yukimura, Joe, Kinumaru (first cousins), Orion, Sirius, Bellatrix, Rigel, Kōshirō, Kōshirō's siblings, Zion, Zion's siblings (third cousins), Aka (granduncle) Gin's siblings (grandfather/uncle)
Name Meaning
Third Son
Place of Birth
Ōu Mountains
0 years old (19 years old at the end of the story)

Saburōmaru is the youngest son of Yuki and the brother of Jirōmaru, Tarōmaru, and Koyuki.


He is brown and white Akita Inu with brown eyes.

Ginga Densetu Anju To Jiromaru

Saburōmaru live together with his mother, siblings, Anju and Anju's grandfather with. One day, Yuki and Yoshito Sawamura did not return and a few days later, Yuki hobble home in a bad shape. Instead, the concern Saburōmaru trying to get inherited from Yuki to suck milk, and may be this good takedowns from his brother Jirōmaru. Yuki dies of her injuries soon as possible.

After this Anju's uncle, Shinjiro , comes in and forces Anju says. Jirōmaru leaves Anju, but Saburōmaru and Koyuki are left with Tarōmaru home. 

Tarōmaru under the direction of the spot where Yoshito Sawamura and Yuki's accident occurred. They meet there Jirōmaru, Anju and Seisaburō. Shinjiro comes in with a gun and shoots. Jirōmaru jumps between the die and Saburōmaru and the other in front of the eyes.

19 years later Saburōmaru is still alive and Anju to greet him, and Tarōmaru and Koyuki.

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