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Ryōga was the leader of Kōga ninja dogs, father of Izuna and an ancestor of Kurojaki and Tesshin.


He shares a close resemblance to Tesshin except without the black markings under his eyes.


He is impatient but not as much as his son, but he does care about his son.

Ginga Densetsu Akame

Ryōga is the leader of the Kōga Clan and enemy of the Iga Ninja Dogs, lead by Ōzaru. Ryōga leads his dogs on attacks against the Iga clan, but is not as impatient as his son, Izuna.

Throughout several battles, Ryōga has ordered his son to stand down and back off due to his attitude.

In a battle with Ozaru, Ryōga has his ear torn off by the Iga leader and the two fight to the death. Whilst Ryōga manages to slash Ozaru with his sword, he is stabbed in the chest by the Iga Ganin and both collapse.

Ozaru died from his injuries, it is assumed that Ryōga was killed as well.