Russian Army Dogs

The Russian Army Dogs (jap. ロシア軍用犬 Roshia gunyō ken, eng: Russian War Dogs) are all German Shepherd Dogs that were trained in Russia for the war.


The Russian dogs were abandoned by the humans after the war on Russia ended, and the dogs were forced to hunt and live on cold conditions. The Marshall commenced a mission to his army to go to Hokkaido to claim it as their own, and kill anyone on their way, including females and children. Maxim, Lydia, Victor, and Aram lead the army from to Hokkaido, while the Marshall and a few soldiers stayed in Sakhali with the females, children, elders.

The Russians dogs arrived to Hokkaido, where they killed Hakuro’s pack and captured Jerome as their prisoner. A few days later, Bozlev arrived with an army of dogs, and Maxim discovered that Bozlev brought reinforcements without the Marshall’s consent. Maxim discovers that Victor, Bozlev, and Aram are plotting to take over Hokkaido for themselves, and not for the others. Maxim deserted the army, along with his sister and Jerome. Victor, furious at Maxim’s betrayal, ordered the execution of Maxim’s foot soldiers, to prevent a rebellion, and that Marshall would not get the message.

Maxim, decided to come back to the Army to convince Aram to join the Ou army, but Maxim was betrayed and the Ou army got trapped inside a Gorge by the Russian Army. After days without food and water, the Ou army created a distraction to let one of the Koga dogs leave the Gorge and find the Ou army, at the cost of Moss’s live. Victor sent some soldiers to stop Weed, who was leading an army of reinforcements, but Weed manages to evade Victor’s traps.

The Russian Army decided to kill the Ou army, and both sides engaged in a battle, which resulted in several casualties, including the death of Buruge, and Bozlev. Weed arrived at the Gorge, and the Russian army was forced to retreat, leaving the injured soldiers behind. After following Weed, Daisuke and Hidetoshi tended the injuries of the Ou and the Russian’s armies, while Weed and the reinforcements went after Victor.

After chasing Victor for a long time, Weed and his army engaged in a battle against Victor in a beach. Aram found Victor at the sea and he took his life by drowning Victor as a way to redeem himself for almost killing Maxim. Maxim and the survivors decided to come back to Sakhali, leaving Lydia behind so she could live with Jerome in Ou and while the others stayed in Hokkaido to pay for their mistakes.

However, in the middle of their journey, a strong storm broke out, which almost drowned Maxim. He arrived to his homeland, where he told his father, the Marshall that Hokkaido was just a barren land, and the others died during the mission, and that they must carry on living on their homeland for survival.

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