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This article is about the German Shepard. For the Great Dane, see Ron (LR). For the unknown breed, see Ron (GNIT).

Ron is a former police dog and a minor character in Ginga Densetsu Weed and Ginga Densetsu WEED: Orion.


He is a brown German Shepherd and is darker in color than most Shepherds of the series.


Ron is a young and confident male.

He was trained well by humans but he doesn't have much experience in fighting.

As a pet dog he didn't care about wild dogs and viewed his work as his mission and nothing personal against them.

He thought wild dogs cannot have any greater mission and believed that serving of humans is a one.

However, Jerome gave him a change of attitude as Ron decided to fight for something more: for justice and for his own kind.

He greatly respects Jerome because of this and is also proud of being an Ouu soldier.

Ginga Densetsu Weed

Hōgen Arc

Ron was a police dog and was working on finding Kamakiri's pack when he meets Rocket.

Later he catches Jerome, believing him to be the leader of the wild dog pack. The two fight but Ron loses because he isn't very experienced fighter and only knows about it in theory. However, Ron managed to bite off Jerome's ear.

Ron leaves after being lectured by Jerome and cannot forget about his words. Ron eventually runs away from the humans to heal Jerome's wounds and warn him. He is asked to go help Weed.

Ron rescues Weed's pack (and Kamakiri's one at the same time) by warning them about hunters and standing on the way to protect them. He also rescues Teru who got lost during the fight. Then, Ron joins Weed's pack to fight for justice.

He is later seen being one of the dogs who want to follow Jerome after Weed is about to banish the Shepherd, believing that they can work for same goal despite walking different paths.

He also explains the Ouu dogs about the explosions when the humans are about to blow up Gajou. He watches the fight between Weed and Hougen and the young akita mix get appointed the new Supreme Commander.

Ginga Densetsu Weed: Orion

Ron is shown among them fleeing from the fire when Kurohabaki Jinemon tells Daisuke and Hidetoshi about what happened to the Ohu soldiers.


Ron's design changes deom his debut and in colume 14-15 of GDW. He originally was lighter in color but was changed to be darker, possibly in order to make him more clearly different from Jerome to avoid confusions. And also had a collar to begin with.

Later it was added in the third and final design, a mark on his forehead.


  • In GDW manga, Ron tears off Jerome's ear, but it was Kamakiri who tears off Jerome's ear in the anime.