Riki's Siblings


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First appearance
GDR vol.1 chp.1
Last appearance
GDR vol.1 chp.1
One white male deceased (killed by Akakabuto), the rest unknown
Family or owners
Shiro (father), Yamabuki (mother), Riki (youngest sibling), Aka, Gin, Gin's Siblings (nephew), Weed, Yukimura, Joe, Yuki, Kinumaru (grandnephews and nieces), Kōshirō, Kōshirō's Siblings, Orion, Sirius, Bellatrix, Rigel, Jirōmaru, Tarōmaru, Saburōmaru, Koyuki, Zion, Zion's 8 siblings (great grandnephews and nieces)
Place of Birth
Village Higashinaruse, Akita Prefecture
They are Riki's four older siblings. One of which is female, the other three male. 

Ginga Densetsu Riki

When Takeda Gohei visit their home, he looked over each pup (ignoring Riki) to take with him to train. He takes only one and leaves the rest with Yamabuki. The puppy chosen later dies when he's older in a battle with Akakabuto. No one knows if any of Riki's other siblings are alive or not. They likely have either been adopted by new families or are deceased.

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