Raiga is a one of hakkenshi of Sirius and Reima's minion. He is a Zan Warrior.

His body contains three wolf brothers Sakon, Ukon and Raiga himself who is the oldest and the one in control of the body.

Raiga was also the guardian of the Palace's outer entrance. He had few minions.



Raiga is a proud hakkenshi and he enjoys fighting. He was very loyal to his mission as a hakkenshi.

He finds it amusing when opponents are confused by his ability to "clone" himself.

Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin

Wolf Arc

Raiga is guarding the Palace.

Raiga fights Kurotora but is eventually defeated by Moss. He allies with Gin’s group with his leader Reima. When Gaia fights Gin in the Underworld, Raiga tries to help but gets killed when Gaia cuts his head off, and does the same to Sakon and Ukon.

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