"What's mine is mine, and what's yours is also mine!"

- Orion to his siblings eating all the food alone.GDWO, Vol 1, Ch 1

"Don't you dare underestimate me just because I'm smaller!"

- Orion to the enemy Yōji, while he attacks him.GDWO, Vol 1, Ch 6

"I promised my uncle that I'll never give in to bullies!"

- Orion facing the overnumbered enemies.GDWO, Vol 1, Ch 6

"Remember, my name's Orion! I live to hunt evil guys!"

- Orion to the villain Shinkichi and his pack.GDWO, Vol 1, Ch 7

"I don't care if you forgive me or not! I'm the one who won't forgive you, idiot!"

- Orion to the villain Shinkichi, jumping after him into the river.GDWO, Vol 2, Chapter 8

"Just be quiet, old man. I said no!"

- Orion's reaction to Chōrō's attempt to stop him from leaving.GDWO, Vol 2, Ch 11

"I'm... Who was it? Ah! The kid of the idiot Heizō from Fukushima!"

- Orion making fun of Heizō.GDWO, Vol 2, Ch 11

"I won't forget your faces! The next time we meet, I'll return the favor for sure!"

- Orion threaten Ryō and his pack.GDWO, Vol 2, Ch 13

"But why would it have to be a secret if they didn't do anything wrong?"

- Orion questioning Kojūrō's and Yamabiko's secret.GDWO, Vol 3, Ch 16

"Why hide it? We're friends already! If you're keeping secrets from me, that's not how friends are."

- Orion to Yamabiko, who's not allowed to share his secret with him.GDWO, Vol 3, Ch 18

"Go wherever you want...! but the next time we meet, we're no brothers anymore..."

- Orion to his brother Sirius, who decieded to switch to the evil side.GDWO, Vol 11

"The Ōu Army needs to teach those bastard bears a lesson!"

- Orion to Unsai.GTLW, Vol 7, Ch 52

"If this fails, it's all over."

- Orion's thoughts about the war against the demonic bear Monsoon.GTLW, Vol 11, Ch 87

"You are not my brother anymore, Bastard!"

- Orion fighting with his stubborn brother Sirius.GTLW, Vol 12, Ch 94

"Now I've got lots of power...! You better get ready Monsoon!"

- Orion's thoughts as Toshimitsu handed him over the deadly sickle.GTLW, Vol 19, Ch 148