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Ningatō (jap. 忍牙刀, ninja fang sword) is Kurohabaki Clan's special attack.

The user runs towards an opponent and moves his head sideways. The user then pulls his head back and strikes with great force. The deepness of the cuts are depending on the intensity and force, and the attack may even tear off limbs. Masamune was able to cut off the head from the opponent with the technique, and used it to execute disobedient subordinates.

Terumune knew how to perform the attack, and taught it to his sons Yamabiko and Masamune. Later, he also taught Rigel the attack too. Kenshin learned the technique by observing the movements of Masamune. At least Kurokirimaru of Kurohabaki also knew how to use the attack.

Characters capable of this attack: