Niimiya is a hunter and the owner of Joe, Koujiro, Jack, Bomb, Guilder, and Denny.


Ginga Densetsu Weed

Hybrid Arc

Together with his dogs, he tries to kill the bears roaming the forests surrounding his home town.

Niimiya helps Weed's pack kill the Hybrid Polar bear by shooting it several times in the head and body. When the final battle between the dogs and the Hybrid bear begins, Niimiya drives to the scene along with his dog, Bomb. As he loads his gun, the Hybrid Bear sneaks up on him and wounds him on the shoulder. He loses his riffle, but his trusted dog Joe brings it back to him.

After the death of the bear, he has lost both Jack and Guilder in battle, while Joe and Koujiro left to join Weed's pack.

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