Minnie is the only daughter of Ben and Cross and youngest of the siblings. She is the sister of Ken and George.


Minnie is brown Great Dane/Saluki mix, looking like a pure-bred one with black splotches around her eyes.

Ginga Nagareboshi Gin

Akakabuto Arc

Minnie was born with her brothers in Aomori, some days before the battle against Akakabuto.

Wolf Arc

She and her siblings and mothers were kidnapped by Retsuga but were later released by Reima.

Ginga Densetsu Weed

Minnie, the youngest child, lived with her parents and brother George in Kōfu, Yamanashi.

One day, when George was watching Minnie, he dozed off in the grass. Minnie, in the meantime, had ended up on a rock out in the raging river.

George wakes up from her cries and rushes to the river bank where he tells her to stay there while he tries to help her.

Unfortunately, she does not listen to him as she jumps and ends in the water that drags her to a waterfall. She did not survive this and George could only watch her drown. Minnie's death was the reason why George had the fear of water.

Ginga: The Last Wars

Her spirit later shows itself when Ken is struggling against a raging river, along with the spirit of Ben.


  • In the anime, she is only seen near the end of GNG. In GDW, she (along with George) never appears or is mentioned at all.
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