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Miho is a puppy who appears in Ginga Densetsu Noah.


Miho is young white puppy with floppy ears and small eyelashes.


Miho is cautious of the Ou Army, but warms up to them a little when they take her to their paradise. She is caring towards her grandfather and desperate to see her father.

Ginga Densetsu Noah

Miho was travelling with her grandfather trying to get to paradise of Ohu but along the way her grandfather started to get sick and they stopped an abandoned car until they were found by Sunny, Maru and the others. Believing they are bad dogs they try to run and Miho was told by her grandfather to hide but is soon held by him telling the group he'll never give her up. But once the misunderstanding is cleared she hears her grandfather asking the group that they never saw them. However Miho holds concern for him when he can't get up then with Unsai around Miho and her grandfather more comfortable.

But soon Miho sees her grandfather collapse with his last words she is told to trust Unsai and his group. So they can take her to Ohu and becomes heartbroken when he dies in front of her. Once her grandfather is buried Miho is carried back to Ohu upon awaking she is welcomed by Cross and yet frantically tells everyone that her father is supposed to be here.


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