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    you know what i mean

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  • Weed is an adult in both GDW:O and TLW, so it doesn't really matter which one the image is from. Also, we've been using the other image because it's the only colored adult image of Weed where his eyes are drawn correctly. Yoshi made an error in the colored TLW image and made Weed's eyes too big and child-like. Hopefully he'll make a new colored Weed image in TLW with the eyes correct. Until then, we'd prefer to use the GDW:O image we've been using since it more accurately portrays Weed's adult design.

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    • Here are two other pictures of Weed in GDWO that look much better:

      Weed zpsf9685849 Weedi

      can't relate to yoshi's "mistake" in GTLW cause it looks pretty good in contrast to the image now. And I think that he looks aduld on the pic as well. It's just the thing that the drawn pictures never look exactly like one other. They always have some differences if pay attention to it and I don't think it's right to say that it's a "mistake" cause he has to big/childish eyes. If I'm honest, the actual picture from GDWO is the only one with this "adult" eyes (looks sleepy to me). And it's a very small pic and it had no big importance beig just one of the small inside pictures of GDWO that don't have any reference to the actual story. So I don't think that this picture should show the "right" Weed. I'd prefer to take a better looking picture like one of these above.

      But that's just my opinion to it. If the rest of the community agrees with you, Keznen, I won't have any problems with this picture. ;) :)

      blivery 11:02, September 7, 2017 (UTC)

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    • Those other GDW:O pics also have the child-like eyes. Yoshi drew him like that for most of GDW:O, but he finally started drawing Weed with adult eyes in GTLW. Like these:


      We can see your point on the quality, but we think it'd be best to leave it until Yoshi makes a better colored picture of adult Weed. :)

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    • Understood

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