Liger used to be a hunting dog living with a human. He and his comrades are mix breed, and they are bitter because most humans favor pure breeds.



Ginga Densetsu Weed

However, Liger and the others' owner was killed by a hybrid bear roaming the forest around his home. Afterwards, Liger became a wild dog obsessed with the wish of avenging his owner. He leads a small pack of four dogs.

Liger meets Kotetsu and Koyuki in the forest and tells them of the bear threat in the area. He has lost many comrades in the fights against them. As they talk, a bear surprises them. Liger follows the bear and gets wounded in the head. With the help of Weed, he is carried back to Weed's brother, Joe's owner, Ninomiya, for caring.

As he gets better, he follows Joe to the forest once more to defeat the bears. In the forest, he enters a fight with the enormous bear, the Hybrid Grizzly Bear. He gets killed as he throws himself in front of Joe to save him from the bear's jaws. 

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