"When blood rushes to my head, I stop seeing around me."

- Kyōshirō describing his personality.GDW, Vol 9, Ch 148

"What's so bad about killing the enemy?! Killing them is the only way to survive!"

- Kyōshirō to Weed, who doesn't understand the reason in killing the enemy.GDW, Vol 18, Ch 157

"Either you live or you die! This is the reality!"

- Kyōshirō to Weed, talking about how war is.GDW, Vol 18, Ch 157

"I would not trust anyone who has grown without tears!"

- Kyōshirō to Weed.GDW, Vol 18

"Power is justice... If there's no power, there's no justice. God, what's wrong with you? Why do you have to kill the good and let the evil guys live? If that's the way it is, then guys: God is Bullshit!!"

- Kyōshirō falling to the ground and going crazy as he sees his dead comrades.GDW, Vol 46, Ch 384

"Don't be stupid! I can't just abandon a friend!"

- Kyōshirō to Mel, after he tell's him to leave him behind.GDWO, Vol 1, Ch 3

"That's fine, go wherever you want. If you're leading I'd even go to hell with you."

- Kyōshirō trust towards Weed.GDWO, Vol 1, Chapter 3

"Lord Unsai if you die we won't forgive you."

- Kyoshiro to UnsaiGTLW, Ch 92

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