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The Kurohabaki clan (黒脛巾組) first appears in Ginga Densetsu WEED Orion. It is a legendary ninja dog clan that had once been lead by the esteemed Kurohabaki Terumune. However, his adopted son, Kurohabaki Masamune, had banished him from the clan and took up leadership. A majority of these dogs had belonged to Kurohabaki Jinemon.

Notable Members

Terumune Kurohabaki was the original leader of the clan as his family had been for generations. He is the son of Kojūrō, father of Yamabiko and Masamune, who had banished him from his own clan. After his banishment he finds Rigel, taking care of the young dog and training him in the ninja arts.

Masamune Kurohabaki is the elder son of Kurohabaki Terumune and the elder brother of Yamabiko. He becomes in charge of the clan after banishing his father. He is ruthless and selfish and  plans to conquer the whole of Japan in an act of revenge.

Yamabiko Kurohabaki is the younger son of Kurohabaki Terumune and the younger brother of Masamune. He was chosen to become the next in line to lead the clan, but this position was taken by his older brother. He was on his way to Shikoku with his guardian and grandfather, Kojūrō, when they are attacked by Masamune's assassins. It is here that he meets Orion and the two become instant friends. It is shown throughout the story that Yamabiko shows no fear nor hatred towards his elder brother.


  • The name of this clan comes from the word kuro-habaki, or "black leggings." Habaki were the shin guards that samurai wore up until the late Edo period. During the Sengoku Jidai, there was a group under the warlord, Date Masamune, called Kurohabaki-gumi (黒脛巾組) — you can see this on the back of Kurohabaki Jinemon's jacket. They were briefly mentioned in rare Japanese works such as Masamune-ki ("The Chronicles of Masamune") and Date-hiken ("The Secrets of the Date").