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Kamajirō is the son of Kamakiri and his ex mate and the second-born brother of Akakamakiri and Kurokamakiri.


He is gray Irish Wolfhound mix with brown eyes.


Kamajirō is calmer and seems to have most conscience out of Kamakiri Brothers, thinking about the needs of the whole group. In his first appearance he is very loyal to his brothers and also quite strict towards Sirius when the pup joins them. After his head injury, he becomes quieter and laid back, due to his injury and opens up more to the group before his death.

Ginga Densetsu Weed: Orion

He along with his siblings found Sasuke on their way to the ruined Ōu paradise. He attacked him but was stopped by Shirozaru, Rara, and Muu. He then attacked Shirozaru, which turned out to be a failed attempt.

Then, he and his brothers manage to find Sirius and they take him hostage, training him to become one of his own.

Later on, along with his brothers, he, Sirius, and his pack swam to Shikoku where Yamabiko was living, only to be driven off by the Kurohabaki Clan.

During a fight with Orion's group, he is attacked by a dog using the Battōga. Although the first attack doesn't seem to do much damage, his head becomes the target for the rest of the dogs.

Shirozaru bites his head several times, making the wound worse. Kamajirō escapes the fight alive, but his wound gets worse and he suffers fits and seizures.

Eventually, he is carried by his older brother but knows his death is imminent and says his goodbyes to his brothers and friends before falling of Akakama's back and dies.

His body is buried and the dogs howl for him. Kamajirō's death leads to Akakama deserting his pack in anger and Kurokama joining the Ōu army.