This article is about the Akita Inu. For the Tosa, see Jirōmaru (SSY).
Jirōmaru (次郎丸)
Jiromaru, Jiroumaru, Jiroomaru


Akita Inu
No information
First appearence
GDATJ vol 1
Last appearence
GDATJ vol 1
Deceased (killed by Shinjiro)
Family or owners
Yoshito Sawamura, Anju (owners), Shiro, Yamabuki (great-great grandparents), Riki, Fuji (great-grandparents), Gin's Siblings (grandfather/granduncle), Yuki (mother), Tarōmaru, Saburōmaru, Koyuki (siblings), Aka, Gin (granduncles), Kinumaru (cousin or aunt), Yukimura, Joe, Weed (second cousins), Zion, Zion's siblings (first cousins), Kōshirō, Kōshirō's siblings, Sirius, Orion, Rigel, Bellatrix (third cousins), Riki's Siblings (great-granduncles/great-grandaunt)
Name Meaning
Second Son
Place of Birth
Ōu Mountains
0 years old

Jirōmaru is the protagonist in Ginga Densetsu Anju To Jiroumaru.
He is the second oldest son of Yuki and the brother of Tarōmaru, Saburōmaru and Koyuki. He is the most daring and decisive of his siblings. He was very fond of Anju and was very loyal to her. He is relatives to Gin, Weed, and Sirius.


He is a silver Akita Inu with no stripes. He's a strong and lively puppy. 

Ginga Densetsu Anju To Jiromaru

Jirōmaru live together with his mother, siblings, and Anju and Anju's grandfather. One day, Yuki and Yoshito Sawamura did not return and a few days later, Yuki hobble home in a bad shape. Before her death, Yuki tells Jirōmaru about accident and Yoshito Sawamura's whereabouts. Jirōmaru permission to search Yoshito Sawamura and his family to live in line with expectations (Jirōmaru's great grandfather was the legendary Bear Dog Riki). Jirōmaru leads the postman to the place where the accident occurred, and they find the body of Yoshito Sawamura.

At night Jirōmaru and his siblings is Anju's house when this burial Yuki's body. Then Anju's uncle, Shinjiro run, and force Anju leave. Jirōmaru try to defend Anju to a man to throw him into a wall.

Shinjiro closes the litter sack, but Jirōmaru manages to bite a hole in it and get out. He tells Tarōmaru to take care of Saburōmaru and Koyuki, and then running after the car. Jirōmaru not keep up with the car and runs to his leg blood, but eventually finds Shinjiro's house, which will be held Anju. Jiromaru and Anju escape together.

Jirōmaru and Anju receive assistance and Seisaburō. Seisaburō takes them back home to his car and together they go to the place where her grandfather's accident occurred. They meet Jirōmaru's siblings and find a sack of gold. Then Shinjiro arrives with a gun and threatens to Seisaburō and Anju. He ran down to protect, Jirōmaru jumps between a man and a girl. Jirōmaru take the bullets and perish quickly from wounds Anju hold him.

The statue to commemorate Jirōmaru with whom Anju visit even after decades.

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