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His Name Is Weed! is the first episode of the Japanese anime series Ginga Densetsu Weed.  


A decade has passed since the battle against Akakabuto, and Gin´s son, Weed meets a dog named GB and discovers the truth of his father from his mother.




  • There are many events on the anime that are different from the manga.
  • The anime includes a narration explaining the battle of Akakabuto.
  • Smith teaches some puppies how to catch a fish
  • The reason why Sakura left is different: In the manga, Lucy, Terry´s wife, lied to Sakura that Gin got injured and when Smith found out about Sakura´s disappearance, he left Futago pass to search Sakura. In the anime, A monster attacked Futago pass and Smith was tasked with the mission of escorting a pregnant Sakura to a safe place.
  • Smith´s meeting takes place in the house of Smith´s owners after Sakura dies, while in the anime, the meeting happens after Smith scares the guard dog.
  • The battle with the guard dog is different, especially with the outcome. In the manga, the Guard dog leaves in the middle of the battle after getting frightened by Smith´s presence. While in the anime, Weed uses the Battouga to rip the Guard dog´s ear.
  • Sakura´s death happens after Weed´s first meeting with GB, while in the anime, the event happens after Weed rescues GB and Sasuke from the guard dog.
  • The reunion between Smith and Sakura never happened in the manga.
  • GB´s backstory is not mentioned in the anime, although the part of Smith saving GB is mentioned.
  • Smith goes along with Weed and GB to their trip to Futago pass.
  • Many scenes are excluded or shortened, like GB farting after Nero smells Weed´s presence.

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