This article is about the contact dog. For the Iga dog, see Hayato.

Hayato is a contact dog.

Ginga Densetsu Weed: Orion

He, along with Kakeru was the messenger between Matheus and Kurohabaki Masamune. The two of them arrived directly to Matheus to report the movement of the army of the sons of Kamakiri.

However, a conflict arose between them, during which Kakeru declared that the only heir to the Kurohabaka clan was Yamabiko.

Enraged at such words, Matheus ordered his subordinates to kill him and Kakeru.

He and Kakeru fled in different directions, but Kakeru managed to grab it anyway. He ordered him to run further, but he was almost caught up in the forest.

Tesshin dropped the shepherds and thus saved the messenger. After that they both joined Ōu Army.

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