This unnamed Iga dog was one of the Iga dogs under the command of Akame.

He was Hayato's older brother.


He is white Kishu Inu and have brown eyes.


Ginga Nagareboshi Gin

When he and 3 other Iga dogs were attacked by the Koga dogs, he sacrifices himself to drown a Koga dog in their flooded secret passageway. This gave his younger brother Hayato courage.


  • He is thought to be Tsukikage by many fans, possibly because of a mistake in and many other Ginga-related websites.
  • He is called Hayato's older brother in the manga, anime and Meteor Gin. He was never really called by name.
  • Tsukikage was actually another Iga dog. This was proved in manga and Finnish translation of Meteor Gin (in Tsukikage's character profile).
  • When Akame went to go get the antidote with two Iga dogs, one of them was called Tsukikage. However, later they're called Kirikaze and Jinnai: A mistake on Yoshihiro's part.
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