Harunosuke is one of Batto's minions.

Harunosuke is a minor character that only appears in the anime.


Ginga Densetsu Weed

He's a Great Dane that used to work under Batto, one of Hōgen's generals. But after Batto was defeated by Ken and Kagetora, he cowardly hides himself from the battlefield. Hōgen managed to find him when the Great Dane was being persued by Weed and Jerome. Harunosuke told his leader about Batto's defeat. Although Hōgen was a selfish leader and would have killed him for his cowardness, he saw his follower as a handy substitute and kindly let Harunosuke go. As Harunosuke was running away, Hōgen headed into the opposite direction and covered his own footprints with a tree branch, so then Weed would follow his substitutes' footprints and not his. Weed, who was still persuing the evil Great Dane, easily fell into Hōgen's ruse and followed Harunosuke's tracks. However, Jerome recognised the different scents between the cowardly dog's tracks and Hōgen's hidden footprints and went into the opposite direction, where Hōgen was heading. Farther away, when Harunosuke was drinking water from a dripping rock, Weed, by the dog's incredible ressemblence to Hōgen, thinks that he had found the cruel mutt and attacks him with his mastered Zetsu Tenrō Battōga. Harunosuke manages to dodge the attack and he explains briefly to the pup about Hōgen's plan. Weed suddenly found out that he was fooled and dashed into Hōgen's direction.

After this scene, Harunosuke was never seen again in the anime.

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