Hank is a character in Ginga: The Last Wars and the cousin of Mole.


Hank is a bi-coloured dachshund, with dark fur and white markings.He has white markings on his cheeks and lower legs, which his cheek markings doesn't reach his eyes. There is a pair of white dot markings over his eyes. He also has a darker bridge on his muzzle and a darker urajiro colouring. Hank has round eyes with medium-large pupils, and he also wears a thin collar.


He's helpful and kind, and is seen helping wounded Ou dogs.

Ginga: The Last Wars

He accompanies Mole and the other 8 dachshunds to the site where the Ou dogs are being kept, assisting in their escape. Hook can barely walk due to his injuries and so is helped by Hank, who he mistakes for Mole.

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