Goldeye was one of Gaia’s hakkenshi of darkness. He was a Metsu warrior


Goldeye is a black-and-white Hokkaido Wolf.

He has two scars crossing his face and the black grin-like markings around his mouth.

He had glowing, golden eyes which made him able to see through thick mist and made him look slightly mechanical.


Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin

Goldeye was trained to be a hakkenshi of Sirius by Juga. He believed himself to be a hakkenshi.

He had the ability to raise mist from certain environments like Hyōma, but his mist is thicker. When Gin’s group enters the Underworld, he fights Hyōma with the help of his mist, but gets killed in the battle.


  • Hyōma is possibly his half-brother, as mentioned by Gold Eye himself in volume 17.
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