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Rules and structures

If you are editing gallerys, then please first take a look at our gallery structures. We made them to make the gallerys look structured and properly, so no ones loosing himself inside these picture files. Here are also some rules and structures about all articles itself:

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Spellings of Some Sounds

We always use macron (¯) over the following long vowels:

  • OU/OH/OO = Ō (ex. Ohu/Ouu/Oou = Ōu, Kyoushirou/Kyooshiroo = Kyōshirō)
  • UU = Ū (ex. Shuuga = Shūga)
  • EE = Ē (ex. Gohee Takeda = Gohē Takeda)
  • AA = Ā (ex. Taabou = Tābō)

Others are spelled out:

  • EI
  • II


  • new Ginga series, Ginga Densetsu Noa, starts 24.05.2019 in Goraku
  • release date of GTFW volume 1: 08.04.2019
  • release date of GTLW volume 22 (last volume): 29.03.2019
  • release date of GTLW volume 21: 09.02.2019
  • chapter 176 of GTLW coming out 07.12.2018 in Goraku, seems to be the last chapter, and sums up GTLW to 22 volumes
  • release date of GTLW volume 20: 07.12.2018
  • chapter 12 of Ginga: the First Wars was released 10.09.2018
  • release date of GTLW volume 19: 09.10.2018
  • Ginga Wiki is now on Twitter
  • release date of GTLW volume 18: 09.08.2018
  • release date of GTLW volume 17: 09.06.2018
  • new official Ginga spin-off "Ginga: the First Wars" started 10.10.2017 in Manga Goraku Monthly Special

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