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Gin's Look-Alike

This unnamed pet dog had rare silver Tora-ge fur similar to Gin. He only appeared briefly in Ginga Densetsu Weed.

Ginga Densetsu Weed

When Hōgen ordered Murder S to find Gin, who had fled, Murder was unable to find him at first. Instead, he finds and kills this Gin's look-alike to bring back to Hōgen as Gin. This tricked Hōgen, Kamakiri and everyone else.

Later, Mel and Moss find out that it's not Gin when they see Hōgen dragging the body with him.

When Hōgen arrived at Gajō, he threw the body into the river below, still believing that it was Gin. Akame, who was watching, shed his tears for the loss of Gajō and for Gin, believing that his old comrade was dead.

But Akame receives the body and he and Cross discover it wasn't Gin.


  • The character is mistakenly called Fubuki by the fans. This is because the manga mentioned fubuki (snowstorm) during the character's appearance, making some people believe that it's actually the name of the character.