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Gamu is the protagonist of Kacchū No Senshi Gamu and leader of the Kagero clan’s ganins, servant of lord Eda and under the command of Rando. He’s the son of the legendary ganin, Honō.

He has incredible power and can communicate with his ganins and Rando via telekinesis.


Gamu is white Kishu Inu with black eyes, and wears armor around his body.


Gamu is a brave and loyal kishu who's always by Rando's side.

Kacchū No Senshi Gamu

When Gamu was a puppy, he saved the wolf Belmondo and learned swordsmanship from general Hayabuza. However, he soon has to face his old friend Belmond, who has joined the evil Gama and has been send to kill Ryuugen, the leader of the Kagero and Gamu. Gamu manage to defeat Vermond and also Ryuugen’s zombie brother, Gennosuke, who was send to kill Ryuugen.

He then rushed outside together with Rando and Kusakage to kill Gama’s minions who’s attacking their village. However, their efforts for saving the village fail as Ryuugen commits suicide and Gamu’s two subordinates jump into the flames to save their master. The leader of Gama’s attack, general Hayabusa decides to let Gamu live and asks him to get out of the village.

Gamu now stays with Rando, but they keep low profile until they meet Kinoshita Toukichirou of the Nobunaga clan, whom they join to get revenge over Gama. Gamu leads Nobunaga’s army into battle and kills off Imagawa Yoshimoto who’s threatning to take over the area. He teams up with Gama’s old minions, his old pal Motegi Juushirou and the ganin Shiba.

Together, they kill Yamamoto Kansuke and puts Motege in a disguise similar to Yamamoto Kansuke. They send him into Gama’s area to set up a trap for Gama. However, Motege’s cover is blown and the final fight between the two clans begin. At first, Rando rides on Gamu’s back and together they fight Gama. However, as Rando realises he’s slowing Gamu down, he releases his grip and let’s Gamu fight alone.

Gamu loses his weapon and get sliced in the head by Gama. However, right as Gama is preparng to give the death strike, ravens fly in and picks his eyes. This gives Gamu the chance to grab Gama’s weapon and slice his head in two.