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Gajō (牙城, the fortress) is a huge stronghold consisting of big rocks and tree trunks. It was built by Akakabuto and is placed in Futago Pass in the Ōu mountains.

In Ginga Densetsu Weed humans blowed Gajō up with bombs with the intention to kill Hōgen, the terrifying dog who murders dogs and people without reasons.


Gajō resembles a large pile of boulders from the exterior with tree branches extending out from the gaps. It resides near the edge of a cliff overlooking a large running river.

In Ginga Densetsu Weed, the interior is shown to be an intricate cave system with many intertwining passageways that leads to many rooms. The large and small gaps between the stones serves as windows where guards can perch and keep watch.


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Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin

After Akakabuto's defeat, Gajō became the heart and main base of the Ōu's army who controls the entirty of Futago Pass. Because of this, it is often sought out by other enemies looking to claim the territory and prestige of Ōu.

Ginga Densetsu Weed

After 14 years of peace, Gajō was overtaken by the monstrous mutant-dog, P4. As he began terrorizing the areas of Ōu, P4 came to slaughter the Ōu soldiers defending Gajō, claiming it as his hideout. It wasn't until his death that the steadily dwindling Ōu army finally regained control.

However, with few soldiers to defend their home, Gajō was quickly occupied by Hōgen's brother, Genba, after a violent battle with Chūtora's four sons. Genba ultimately defeated the Ōu army, killing three of the brothers. He prepared the fortress for Hogen's arrival to rule over its territories. Hogen reigned over Gajō with his large army of dogs, but was later bested by Weed and the rest of the Ōu army who reclaimed it as their paradise once more.

Gajō was destroyed by humans in Ginga Densetsu Weed manga since the humans wanted to end Hōgen, but in the anime, Gajō is left standing, since no humans are shown.


  • Gajō has had different names in the various translations of the series.
    • Swedish (sub) - Huggtanden (the Fang)
    • Finnish (sub) - Torahammas (Fang)
    • Finnish (manga) - 'Vuorilinna (Mountain castle/fortress)'
    • Danish (sub & dub) - Hugtanden (the Fang)
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