The two unnamed Foxhound Spies serve as Hōgen's scouts.

Ginga Densetsu Weed


The Foxhound Spies are members of Hōgen's pack and work as spies.

The darker one of the two is seen for the first time when he spies Rocket and his brothers and sees how Rocket leaves their forces. He reports to Hōgen, causing the death of Jet and Missile.

Much later, the two appear spying Weed's group to find out when they're going to attack their fort and with how many soldiers. Rocket manages to find and catch them with the help of Ken and Kagetora. They're released by Weed after they promise not to return to their fort. Jerome knows they're lying and follows them.

Jerome kills the darker one first by ripping open his throat. Weed and others show up and Weed tells him to stop, but Jerome disobeys him and kills the last scout the same way he killed the first one.


There was only one a Foxhound Spy, who found out that Rocket was leaving Hōgen's army, and he returned to Hōgen to tell him the mishap. He soon got credit for the killing of Jet and Missile, Rocket's brothers.

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