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|Row 7 title = Voiced by
|Row 7 title = Voiced by
|Row 7 info = Hiroshi Shimozaki|Row 8 title = Name Meaning
|Row 7 info = Hiroshi Shimozaki|Row 8 title = Name Meaning
|Row 8 info = Earth Anger}}
|Row 8 info = Earth Anger|Row 9 title = Birth of Place
|Row 9 info = Kofun City, Yamanashi Prefecture}}

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Dodo (土怒)


Kai Ken Mix
First appearance
GDW vol 9 chpt 5, GDW ep 10
Last appearance
GDW vol 13 chpt 6, GDW ep 13
Deceased (killed by Genba's minions)
Family or owners
Akatora, Kurotora (uncles), Chuutora (father), Kagetora, Harutora, Nobutora (cousins), Shōji, Shigure, Buru (brothers)
Voiced by
Hiroshi Shimozaki
Name Meaning
Earth Anger
Birth of Place
Kofun City, Yamanashi Prefecture

Dodo is the youngest son of Chūtora and the brother of Shigure, Shōji and Buru.


Dodo is a light grey Kai Dog with black stripes and floppy ears unlike Shōji and Shigure and has brown eyes with two black stripes beneath each eye, with black-rimmed eyes.

In anime, he is gray brindle Kai Ken mix and has black eyes.

Ginga Densetsu Weed

After Dodo's father Chūtora died, his uncle Kurotora raised him and his brothers.

As Kagetora asks his father, Kurotora, for help to take down Hōgen, Kurotora runs to Ōu to defend it together with his nephews. As Genba's soldiers are closing in on Gajō, Shōji pushes Kurotora down Gajō for Akame to lead him into safety. Dodo gets killed by Genba's minions, and therefore does not become the brother to go to Mutsu for reinforcements. The only brother that survived and went to Mutsu was Shigure.

His body is thrown into the river by Genba and discovered by Kurotora, who brings it to a cave along with the other two brothers.

Ginga: The Last Wars

They aren't buried and are left in the cave, their decomposed bodies are found a couple of years later by Rocket, Ken and Kyōshirō during Monsoon's reign over Ōu.

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